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Biografie Dirtcaps

Dirtcaps, the most unique and energetic DJ/MC trio that The Netherlands has to offer. consisting of Max Oude Weernink, Danny Groenenboom and Tim Haakmeester. They are rocking out clubs in Holland and Europe for years now. Not to forget their yearly summer tour, which always brings down the house. The talent of rocking out shows doesn’t stay unnoticed to the rest of the world, so they are flying all over the world now.

Imagine this: two DJ’s filled with passion for their music with an energetic MC who completes their sets with rhymes and tremendous timing. An atmospheric DJ performance with an MC fills the air without any ‘over-staging’. That’s Dirtcaps in one sentence. The trio which always radiates a sense of “dirtiness” attracts people who are ready to party to come to the dance floor and stay there. The DJ trio steps behind the booth and Tim, the MC of the group as well as the all-round playboy, climbs on top of the stage and starts off with a dive into the crowd. When Dirtcaps enter a club, you’ll immediately get into the buzz, knowing that they only have one mission in life: ‘to make you dance’ Their dynamic sets can best be described as women friendly and energetic. You’ll be blown away by their sets which contain their original productions as well all the latest popular tracks; that is their weapon! With Dirtcaps it’s obvious that you won’t be going home until you’ve been ambushed with a shot of Jägermeister!

Dirtcaps are part of a select group of artists who can proudly say that they’ve taken the house sound to a higher level. Not only do they play out all kinds of genres in their sets but they produce their own tracks as well. This makes Dirtcaps strong, independent and unique. They never stop producing fresh, new tracks and spend their time in the studio. In 2012 their breakthrough track ‘Money on My Mind’ came out in collaboration with The Million Plan. Their videos on YouTube hit over a million views

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